A public service announcement campaign that goes viral

July 11, 2018

Artis Dumb is a public service announcement campaign that continues to go viral and it has spread like a wild Fire. Or in other words, Artis Dumb has become the talk of the town. Through social media and sharing, Artis Dumb goes viral all over the world.

Good public service is for the welfare of mankind. It can either be for free or on payment at lower rates than usual. It is something like a transportation service. You travel on the train that is a good public service because it is more affordable than a private service by road such as a private car, van etc. A public service that is not good will fail to go on for obvious reasons.

Everything we do in life to gain something is part of the campaign. For instance, we want to sell our product and so we will need to advertise it in different spots. We’ll need to get it SEO optimized. Similarly, we have a lot of things to do. The collective effort like that is a kind of campaign. Please note that a campaign must not be propaganda, it must be what you want you really deserve.

Lucky are the things that go viral. A thing must have the potential to go viral! A thing can go viral both in positive as well as in a negative sense. A product or service that goes viral must be offering something unique or different. You can put something to go viral through propaganda as well as the campaign. The campaign is in the positive sense while propaganda is in the negative sense.

The role of social media is very important to help something go viral or popular. YouTube is a good example. You have probably seen videos that have gone or are going viral. Mostly, products and services don’t go viral as fast as a video related to social issues or celebrities.

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